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Looking for Parents take part in a Focus Group

Monday, March 22, 2021 - 22:00

NCB's research team are looking for parents to take part in a focus group. Great chance to have their voice heard and also receive £20 voucher in thanks. Please see the following to send around if you're able:

'NCB is looking to conduct a set of focus groups with parents in April and May for Public Health England. We would like to speak to parents about their views of the Healthy Child Programme.

We are particularly looking for input from

: 1) parents from ethnic minority communities;

2) parents of disabled children;

3) young parents;

4) parents of children aged 0-2. Each parent participant will receive a £20 voucher for their time.

Each focus group session will last approx one hour and all input will be anonymised. 

Any parent who would like to take part or who has any questions about the project is asked to please send an email to: research@ncb.org.uk