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Council Tax and Housing Benefits

Council Tax and Housing Benefits

You can get help with your rent and Council Tax if you don’t have much money coming in. This might be because you are not working or if you are on a low income. The rules are a bit complicated but we can help make sure you get the help you are entitled to. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are paid by the government.

Who can get Council Tax and Housing Benefit?

Housing and Council Tax Benefits are for people who are on a low income.

These are some of the rules. You can contact us if you think you might be entitled and we will help you apply.

You can get Housing Benefit if:

  • You are responsible for making rent payments to the Council, Housing Association or a private landlord; and
  • You live in a Council property, a hostel, or a privately rented home. This includes paying rent to a private landlord, a Housing Association, a Co-op, or being a subtenant or boarder.*

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Benefit will no longer exist from 1 April 2013, instead you can apply for Council Tax Reduction.

You’ll get money off your Council Tax bill if you qualify for Council Tax Reduction.

You can apply for Council Tax Reduction whether you own your home, rent, are unemployed or working.

What you’ll get

The most you can get is a 100% reduction. How much you get depends on:

  • Where you live - each council runs their own scheme
  • Your circumstances (eg income, number of children)
  • Your household income - this includes things like savings, pension, your partner’s income
  • If your children live with you
  • If other adults live with you

not qualify for Housing and Council Tax Benefit, even if you have a low income, if:

  • You have over £16,000 in savings/assets (unless you are getting Pension Guaranteed Credit);
  • You pay rent to a close relative;
  • You live somewhere where you don't have to pay rent or Council Tax;
  • You are subject to immigration control; or
  • You are a full time student (there are exceptions to this).

 How do I claim Council Tax and Housing Benefits?

You'll need to fill in a claim form. These are quite long and detailed, as we have to ask a lot of questions in order to make sure you get the right benefits.

If you think you are entitled to benefits, or would like more information about them, visit our Benefits web pages by following the link below.

Click here to visit the Benefits web pages

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